Membership for Louis A. Martinet Legal Society of Greater Baton Rouge is open to those members of the legal community, as well those interested in advancement of our principles, including but not limited to: judges, attorneys, legislators, congressional representatives, professors of law, and law students.

When you join Louis A. Martinet Society you gain the benefit of inclusion in a network of legal professionals seeking to advance the African American community by means the justice system and legal education. That advancement translates into programming that is evaluated yearly by each newly elected Executive Board and then implemented through community events, pro bono work, continuing legal education, civic engagement, sponsorship of social work and activities, mentorship of our youth, and service to our Greater Baton Rouge community.

All members are welcome to serve on a Committee to further promote the annual programming of Louis A. Martinet Society. Our Committee Chair and Committee Members work with the Executive Board to organize yearly events, branding, social engagement and philanthropy. Here is a list of our standing committees:

Our Executive Board:

Michael B. Victorian – President
Ne’Shira Millender – First Vice-President
Harry Landry III – Second Vice-President
Jamar Lanier Ennis – Treasurer
ReAzalia Allen – Secretary